Ross Reels Animas Fly Reels

Ross Reels – Animas Series Fly Fishing Reel

Ross Reels Animas series fly reels are lightweight and well-machined reels that come in at a great price. With simple mechanics, this reel is easily maintained and should last a long time, and with a lifetime warranty, it’s a smart buy for any angler.

All the Animas series fly reels are made by hand in Colorado. The simplicity of this reel is a big seller. Their self-lubricating drag system with over 85,000 units out on the water, has proven itself time and time again. The Animas also comes with a sleek look, which is sure to turn heads on the water, while also being one of the most sturdy reels on the market.



  • Reel material: machined 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy
  • Arbor diameter: (3/4) 3.125 in, (4/5) 3.25 in, (5/6) 3.5 in, (7/8) 3.875 in, (9/10) 4.25 in
  • Drag System: Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon
  • Sealed: No
  • Retrieve: Left or right
  • Backing Capacity: (3/4) 75 yards, (4/5) 100 yards, (5/6) 150 yards, (7/8) 200 yards, (9/10) 250 yards
  • Price: 249.95$ usd-365.99$ usd
  • My Rating: 8/10
  • Cheapest place to purchase:

On the water:

The Animas series reels are not hard on the eyes and I was excited when I first got my hands on one. At first touch I noticed that it was a little heavier than I had expected, and I wished the arbor was a little larger, but the drag seemed smooth and it was a very quiet reel.

After a nice morning on the water, I had landed several fish, and had been able to put the drag system to use.  It was easy to adjust on the fly, which can be very important when you hook into a nice trout. It has very low start-up inertia which is also great and can help with the lightest of tippets.

All in All, I was pleased with the Animas fly reel, it’s a little heavy and could use a bit larger arbor, but it was quiet and ran smooth. Ross Reels is one of the best companies in the industry and they back the product for life so it is an easy choice for me when looking to buy a new reel.


  • strong machined aluminum
  • great drag system
  • lifetime warranty


  • small arbor
  • heavier than expected


Ross Reels has one of the best warranty programs in the business, after shipping in your reel they have an expert look over your whole setup and assess the issues. Then they get it fixed and shipped back in a timely manner. I’ve had nothing but great interactions with them and have always felt like I was taken care of.

They do charge a small fee for this, but it is worth every penny. Other companies simply won’t even look at your reel unless it is a manufacturing defect. Personally, if I spend the money on a reel I want to know that the company is going to back their product no matter what.

Ross even has an express shipping option that you can use if you’re leaving for a trip and need it turned around in less than a week. This gives me the utmost confidence in their product.

Final Thoughts:

In closing, I thought the Animas series fly fishing reels are an amazing buy, this reel looks good and performs even better. Its drag system is proven to work day after day by, some of the industries top professionals.

It is a slight bit on the heavy side and the arbor could be a little larger in my opinion, but with its sturdy build, it has proven itself a true day to day workhorse on the water. The drag system is also self-lubricating and maintenance free which means less time worrying about your reel.

The warranty and the company itself are another huge selling point for me, they really want to keep each one of their customers happy and on the water. That alone is a huge selling point for me. With each reel being hand made in Colorado they are made to be strong and dependable.

If you have any questions on this review, or about the Ross Reels Animas series please leave a comment below and ill be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.