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Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit

hairline fly tying material kit

This is buy far the best material kit out on the market, you can’t go wrong with hareline products. It comes with absolute everything you’ll need to get started, a nice plastic box for carrying and also a sweet instruction…

SF Fly Fishing Fly Tying Tool Kit

SF Fly Fishing Tying Tools Gear Assortment

If You just getting started and trying to piece all of your stuff together this the tool kit is for you, it includes bobbin threader with half hitch tool, whip finisher rotary, hackle pliers, dual ceramic bobbin, and Iris scissors.…

Orvis Encounter Fly Tying Kit

orvis encounter fly tying kit

For all enthusiastic fly fishermen, there comes a point when you realize that you could save a lot of money by not buying but tying your own flies. When you first get started the flies seem cheap, but the cost…