Bass Fly Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure also is known as “Bass Fishing Lure”, “Bass Fishing Lures”, “Antique Fishing Lures” Fishing lures use movement, vibrations, and color to make fish attack. Fishing Lures are equipped with one or more hooks that are used to hook fish when they attack the fishing lure. Fishing lures can be made out of wood, plastic, rubber, metal & cork. Although there are many types of fishing lures, all fishing lures are made to resemble prey for the fish. Some fishing lures have moving parts and some fishing lures have no moving parts. Some fishing lures are made to look like dead fish and some fishing lures look like fast moving fish.

Fishing lure has been around since the caveman. Chinese and Egyptian also used fishing lures as early as 2000BC. Fishing lures have been made commercially in the United States and Europe for over a century. Antique fishing lures are highly collectible Some different types of fishing lures:

  • Jig – a weighted hook with a lead head.
  • Top water lures – float and resemble prey that is on top of the water.
  • Spoon lures – thin and flashy to attract fish.
  • Crank baits – dart back and forth.
  • Artificial flies – used with a fly rod.
  • Bass worms – plastic or rubber worms and lizards in the water.
  • Spinnerbait – wire bent at a Ninety degree angle with a hook on one end and a flashy spinner on the other end.