Best Trout Lures Guide – Tips and Recommendations for Catching Trout

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best trout lures you can buy

Even though it isn’t the most well-known game fish, the trout is one of the most sought after. There are many lures, flies and baits that you can use to catch a trout. You can find trout all over the globe, from temperate to Arctic climates. This means their habitats and diets vary widely.

While trout fishing in moving water and still water requires different tactics and presentations, there are some commonalities. Many lures, flies and baits can be used to fish for both. The trout will be more likely to attack your bait if it is moving in a river than if they are still in a stream. However, trout can take their time in still waters and lakes before they decide to eat. But with scent and vibration, you can call them from farther away.


Flash and vibration are attractive to trout so Worden’s Original Rooster Tail and Mepps Aglias are both effective lures that can also be used throughout the year. These lures are best thrown in the current to increase flash and vibration.

Mepps Aglias

The original Mepps Aglias design was in France. However, the company has a Winsconson base. The Mepps Aglia is a trout fishing favorite. It is not only one of the most effective lures for trout, but it is also the best. While models without tail dressings are very effective at catching trout, many trout fishermen prefer models with tail dressings.

Trout Lures and baits Wordens Original Rooster Tail

Worden’s Original Rooster Tail

The Rooster Tail’s blade is a willow-style design. It spins at full steam, creating the illusion of a larger baitfish. You have hundreds of options, but most recommend the simple white blade with a silver tip.

Blue Fox Vibrax

Vibrax spinners can be used in smaller sizes, but they are still heavier than many other brands. They also thump louder that other brands due to their wide cupped blades. The treble hooks have a laser holographic finish and are covered with calf tails and tinsel. They emit sound vibrations when the inner portion strikes the bell. They are great for shallow situations as they can run from the surface up to 2 feet.


trout lures and baits mepps little wolf

Mepps Little Wolf

Its silver plating and reverse curve design allow for intense flashing. It’s balanced, which makes it wobbling when it is retrieved steadily at a variety of retrieval speeds. It is a great spoon for introducing kids and beginners to the sport due to its easy cast.

trout lures acme kastmaster

Acme Kastmaster

While the Kastmasters may not be what you are looking for on a stream, they are more suitable for still-water trout fishermen. They come in many sizes and can fly for miles before sinking like stones. They are heavier than lighter lures, so they can help you reach the drop-offs and ledges in lakes and ponds that other lures cannot.

trout lures thomas buoyant spoon

Thomas Buoyant Spoon

These trout lures are very unpredictable due to their unique tapered design. You can also make them dart side to side using a more aggressive retrieve.


These baits mimic prey that is plentiful throughout the year. Crawfish crankbaits are my favorite for fishing streams. They have a stop-and go retrieve and can be used with 6-pound lines. Trout fishing lakes is easy with shad-colored crankbaits. I use medium-diving crankbaits to catch large rainbow and brown trout in Lake Taneycomo’s trophy area when Table Rock dam has three or more generators.

trout lures rapala original floater

Rapala Original Floater

The Rapala Original Floater is a popular lure that has been on almost every list of “best-of” lures for fishing for freshwater fish. Because it can catch all kinds of trout, even large ones. They don’t rattle or flashy and aren’t very flashy either. However, the buoyancy and roll of their balsawood bodies give them that wobble and hovering ability that has been crushing trout for more than 50 years.

Rebel Wee-Craw

These lures are great for catching trout as they mimic the prey of the trout and give the impression of a fleeing crabfish. The 2-inch crankbait has a tail that is tucked under by the bill, bulging claws facing the fore treble, and can reach up to 5 – 7 feet.


trout lures ad flies wooly bugger

Wooly Buggers

These flies mimic baitfish, crawfish, and other underwater forage like leeches or hellgrammites and are great for catching trout all year. This versatile streamer can be presented in a dead drift, allowing the current to pull your fly line. You can also stop it and continue to strip or re-strip the line at different speeds. This lure is great for fishing in lakes, streams and ponds with off-colored water. You can use a heavier tippet like a 3x to prevent line breakage if trout explode on your streamer.

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