SF Fly Fishing Tying Tools Gear Assortment

SF Fly Fishing Fly Tying Tool Kit

If You just getting started and trying to piece all of your stuff together this the tool kit is for you, it includes bobbin threader with half hitch tool, whip finisher rotary, hackle pliers, dual ceramic bobbin, and Iris scissors. For the price you can’t go wrong if your just starting out. Comes with every thing you need and is actually a decent set of tools, would recommend highly to beginners Rating: 8/10

Materials Kits:

Getting the right Materials is very important and has a lot to do with what you’ll be tying. If you’re planning on tying trout flies you’ll be needing different things then if your going to be tying up salt water flies. There is a lot of different kits out their so just make sure if your gonna try to piece your kit together make sure you buy the right kit. I’m gonna list some of my favorite kits on the market for both trout and salt water

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