TFO fly rod review- Lefty Kreh professional series II

The Lefty Kreh professional series II Is a great rod at an incredible cost. It comes in 19 different models, from 2wt-10wt and is great purchase for anglers of all abilities. This medium fast action rod is perfect rod for every day of the week and casts small dries to heavy nymph rigs with accuracy and distance. It was designed buy one of the greatest fly fisherman in the industry, Lefty Kreh. He clearly put his knowledge to work when he built this rod, with its exceptional value and great performance he put a rod on the market that should last for sometime. The braided carbon inserts, over sized stripping guides, premium cork handles, and progressive taper makes this rod perform as good as it looks. With a cost that should fit every angler on the market. The warranty on this rod is the only thing I’m not excited about, it only covers manufacture issues and I feel like it could be better but for the price it doesn’t detour me from buying. This TFO fly rod review, is intended to help any angler that is looking into buy a lefty Kreh professional series II rod, with so many rods on the market and so many options this rod should defiantly be on your radar.  

On the water

When I first got my hands on this rod it was, initially for clients and for a backup rod at that. I had a couple days with some bad luck and broke some rods and as I was heading out on another trip, I setup my 9 ft 5wt Lefty Kreh fly rod for my day on the water. I initially noticed it was a little heavier rod then I was used to, but it seemed sturdy and I could easily cast this rod. I decided since the bwo hatch had been heavy in the morning, I would start with some small dries and see how I liked the rod, with a delicate presentations. I was instantly greated when I got to the water buy some rising trout and slowly got myself into place. I was surprised at how well this rod loaded and the accuracy with such a small fly. After catching several trout in the morning during the hatch I decided I was going to start deep nymphing for some larger trout I had spotted in a deep hole. I rigged up a heavy rig that was over ten feet in length with some large heavy stone fly patterns and a small bwo nymph as a trailer. I was very pleased with how well the rod handled a heavy rig and casting it was very easy and was still very accurate. I ended up catching one very large trout, and was also very excited about how it handled the fish and how easily I could control his head. After this day I started using this rod a lot more and have been completely satisfied, and at the price its defiantly something all have in my quiver for a long time.


  • Rod Material: Braided carbon fiber
  • Handel material: Premium cork with burled accents
  • Pieces: 4
  • Action: Medium-Fast
  • Reel Seat: anodized aluminum
  • Eyes: Over sized aluminum stripping guide
  • My Rating: 8/10
  • Price: 169.99$-199.99$
  • Cheapest place to purchase: Amazon.com


This is a medium to fast action rod that comes out of the package looking like a much more high end rod. It’s a perfect rod for a budget concise angler, or the experienced angler looking for a good backup. The progressive taper on this rod helps, throwing heavy bugs and also putting down delicate flies all in one package. Its carbon fiber inserts make a very forgiving rod and also very sturdy. The over size stripping guides help smooth casting large fly lines with easy, and also help with fighting fish. The anodized aluminum reel seat matched with the premium cork with its burled accents make for an attractive look as well as a very sturdy connection between your rod and your reel. These features make for another great value for this rod. All in all the Lefty Kreh proffesional series II is an exceptional value and well be in my quiver for years to come.


TFO has a full lifetime warranty, that covers faulty workmanship and manufacture defects. It doesn’t cover wear and tear or accidents but for a small fee they can repair your rod and get them back at in a very quick time frame. . All their rods are built in their exclusive factory and are all test loaded before they are shipped out. Meaning each rod should be built for long-lasting use on the water. These rods are built to last which is nice because the warranty basically cover only manufacture problems. That being said I’m not exactly satisfied with their warranty, lots of companies in the industry have a better policy and will get you a new rod no matter the reason it broke.

Final Thoughts

This rod for me is great value it has the power and accuracy of a much more high end rod, and at the cost it is worth every penny. It comes with a high quality build and a great taper that helps with power and accuracy. It comes with a high quality rod tube, premium oversize guides, carbon fiber braided core, anodized aluminum reel seat, with a premium cork handle and burled accents that makes this rod look as good as it performs. The warranty is probably the one thing I dislike most about this rod as it only covers certain manufacture defects. The price for accidental and wear and tear is not overly expensive so its not that big of deal. They also have a great turn around on the warranty which makes it an up sell for me. The rod can be a little stiff for some beginner anglers but after a while it will make them a much more effective angler so I believe it is great for anglers of all ability. If you have any questions about this TFO Fly Rod review leave a comment at the bottom and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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