Orvis Clearwater reviews – combo set that packs a punch

The Orvis Clearwater combo set is a great all in one rod for the angler looking to have a day to day fly rod that can handle just about anything on the river.

It is perfect for cost effective angler that can’t afford to have twenty different rods for every occasion, but still want a descent rod. This rod can handle throwing nymphs, drys and streamers and at it’s price it’s an exceptional value.

With a company like Orvis that’s been in the fly-fishing world since 1856 they have dialed in how to make great rods and the clearwater is a perfect example. This rod comes with a great warranty and will surely be in your quiver for a long time to come.

This moderate action rod comes with a great punch and can surely get flies all the way across the river, while also being able to land small dry’s with precise accuracy .





  • Rod Material: Mid modulus Graphite
  • Grip Material: Premium cork
  • Line Weights: 3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 6wt,
  • Pieces: 4
  • Action: Mediun-fast, moderate action
  • Reel Seat: Machined aluminum
  • Eyes: Woven Graphite
  • Reel:Cast aluminum, large arbor
  • My Rating: 9/10
  • Cheapest place to purchase: Amazon.com



This Moderate action rod is probably one of the most versatile rods on the market. It can be fished on the day to day basis and can handle throwing light drys on thin tippet, heavy nymph rigs, and even streamers. For the angler that is looking for rod that can handle any situation the day present.

The Orvis Clearwater loads quick and is very accurate and easy to cast, but also has the power to launch the flies all the way across the river if needed.

This rod comes out of the package looking like a much more high end rod, with it’s sleek looking olive color and premium cork and graphite eyes. It’s considerably more expensive than most starter kits but the extra dollars defiantly comes with the performance.

Put together with high end graphite, and the great mid-flex taper it’s built for accuracy and power. The machined aluminum reel seat makes this rod light and sturdy, and the insert is made of graphite and doesn’t need much maintenance.


The extra large arbor reel is just another bonus to this rod, it helps with quick retrievals and is very nice for still water and larger fish. It made of cast aluminum so it’s light put still tough, and comes with a stacked drag system that can be easily adjusted.

Easily converted from right to left-hand retrieve this reel is at the top of the game for die-cast reels. It could easily Handel bigger types of fish so this makes it great for the angler that doesn’t only chase trout

This reel makes this combo set for me, if your just getting int the sport the Orvis Clearwater is combo for you.

Fly line:

The fly line is the next bonus to this setup, it comes with welded loops which makes it easy to add your leaders. It has a braided core line and has great taper that helps with accuracy and power as well. This fly line is perfect to get you on the water the minute you’ve got your rod.

25-Year warranty

Orvis has always been known to stand by their product and with a 25-year warranty no questions asked policy this rod will surely be in your quiver for sometime.

This means even if you slam the rod in your car door you’ll get a replacement rod quick and easy. If they can’t fix your rod they will send you a new one of the same value for a small fee which is a great bonus as well.

I’ve never had an issue with orvis and their return policy and would recommend them over almost every other brand on the market.

Final thoughts

For me this is the perfect combo kit for the beginner or intermediate fly fisherman, it’s lightweight build and high quality materials are going to help new anglers get comfortable in the sport.

It’s also has great rod tube that comes with it to keep your rod safe and stored while you travel from spot to spot. The 25-year no ask warranty and price point are another huge bonus for this rod and makes it perfect for the beginner angler as well as the intermediate angler.

The Reel is another huge selling point for with it’s high quality build and low cost you will not be disappointed with what you got yourself into.

This rod is a little slow and might not be enjoyed buy more experienced fly fisherman. Intermediate and beginner anglers tho will absolutely love this rod.

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