fly fisherman casting in a river

5 Key Points To Learning How to Fly Fish

Fishing should be enjoyable and Fly fishing can certainly be fun. It can also help you relax and connect with your surroundings. These tips will help you get started and reduce your frustration as they will provide basic information on how to increase your skill level at an affordable rate and how to get ready at a low cost.

Identify a specific type of fly fishing

There are a lot of differences between fly fishing equipment and skills for saltwater species such as bone fish, and what gear you need to fly fish for brook trout. You may find your passions take you in many directions but for now, choose one. It should be obvious that if you were a spin fisherman before you became interested in fly fishing, the gear and knowledge needed for large-mouth bass fishing are very different from those required for crappie fishing. Fly fishing is no different.

A fly fishing combo consisting of a 5wt and 9ft length, along with floating 5wt line, can be used to catch everything, from small mouth bass to brook trout. This is the setup that most fishermen start with. You can get fly fishing combos at an affordable price. We recommend staying away from expensive sets. You can get the set-up you want for $150, even though it may offend some of the elitists who love the sport and are otherwise decent people.

Use a methodical approach to learning to fly cast

If you don’t want to or don’t have the funds to take lessons then there are many books, videos and online resources that can help you learn fly casting. Many fly fishermen have learned their craft without ever having to take a lesson. Before you go near the water, start in an open area and practice so you get the feel of what you are doing. The aim is to be able to cast 25-30 feet of line out consistently before you go near the water.

After you have learned the basics of casting and fished for a few weeks with it, you must learn how to roll cast. This cast is essential if you fish in areas with impediments or want to cast under low hanging brush. This cast is very easy to learn once you start working on it. It’s also quite pleasing to see.

Learn as Much As You Can About the Species That You Will Fish

A thorough knowledge of the species and what they eat is essential for fly fishing. This is the best place to start learning about the flies that you will be using. This will continue for as long as you fly fish. Fly fishing is a journey and not a destination, as much as any other sport I can think of. Once you have a solid understanding of one thing it will open up many more questions. Fly fishing has many wonderful aspects. While there is a lot of information, you’ll likely be able to observe phenomena in ways that no one else has.

While it’s great to read fly fishing books and participate in online forums, your knowledge is not applicable until you apply it in the field. Field observation is the best way to learn about the species you’re fishing for.

Keep a journal

I learned how important this was as I would observe and experience many things but then I would forget them, thats why a journal is important. Keep a log of dates, places, flies used and fish caught. I notice patterns that are difficult to spot without a systematic approach. This is a variation on the notion that “you can’t see the forest for all the trees” unless one takes the time to look around. A good log book I have found is the Ultimate Fly Fishing Log Book

Establish a relationship with a fly shop

It is common courtesy to make a purchase when you are given advice by a fly shop. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Perhaps you can buy some flies based upon their suggestions and the leaders they recommend. If you follow their advice, you will see that they share more and more information over time. These people make their living by making customers happy. While there are times when you might make purchases at discount online retailers, don’t forget your friends at the fly shop.

These 5 tips should be helpful as you begin this “sport”.