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  • Fly tying videos – Zebra midge tutorial

    In this video we show you how to tie the zebra midge, a great patterns for first time tyers. This pattern is simple and well get you familiar with your tools and your vice. It is also a very effective pattern that you will also be able to hit the water with and use immediately, […]

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  • Ross Reels – Animas Series Fly Fishing Reel

    Ross Reels Animas series fly reels are lightweight and well-machined reels that come in at a great price. With simple mechanics, this reel is easily maintained and should last a long time, and with a lifetime warranty, it’s a smart buy for any angler. All the Animas series fly reels are made by hand in […]

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  • Walk and Wade Trips

    Come and enjoy the a amazing day while walking and wading threw some of the most beautiful landscape the country has to offer. We have access to over nine different rivers within a hour drive from summit county and can pick the best location based on whatever the day brings. These trips are made for […]

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  • Stillwater Fly Fishing – techniques for catching more trout

    Fly fishing on still water presents a whole different challenge to most fly junkies. I know that I had a hard time with even small lakes when I first started approaching still water. The biggest reason is reading the water, on the river I can almost always tell you right where a trout is going […]

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  • Fly tying patterns for beginners – 3 patterns to get you started

    One of the most natural moves for most fly fisherman after they have been in the sport for a while is to start tying their own flies, I remember the first fly I tied and the excitement of landing my first fish on my hand tied fly. This can connect you to the sport so […]

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    Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners – picking the right equipment

    Picking out fly fishing gear for beginners can be fairly intimidating, their is a lot of equipment that goes into flyfishing, the rods, the reels, the flies, and the accessories, but taking the time to do a little research can go along away in setting yourself up for success. If you have ever seen an […]

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