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Located in Middle Park, Colorado (near Kremmling), Troublesome Creek offers some of the finest small stream fishing to be found anywhere. A tributary to the Colorado River, Troublesome Creek winds through willows, Cottonwood trees and grassy hay fields on its way to its confluence with the mighty Colorado. Troublesome Creek anglers experience a peaceful privacy.

Our access to Troublesome Creek consists of 4 miles of water located entirely within the confines of a private ranch. The 4 miles are split into 3 beats of approximately equal length. The managers of Troublesome Creek use the “fishing beat” system to reduce the chances of over-fishing the property.  In addition, one of the beats is rested each week and is not fished at all.

Rainbow trout are the predominant species found in Troublesome. While rainbows pushing the 30-inch mark have been netted, rainbows typically fill the net in the 16-20 inch range, Anglers of all abilities have a very realistic chance of hooking that “Trout of a Lifetime.”

The dry fly fishing can be amazing at Troublesome Creek. Green Drakes hatch in good numbers in the late Spring, Pale Morning Duns and Yellow Sallies arrive in early Summer, terrestrials (think Grasshoppers) come into play during the heat of our alpine Summers (and into the Fall) and Tricos usually make an appearance sometime in early to mid September.

When conditions allow, hopper/dropper fishing is our preferred means of attack. The violent takes on the dry fly make it difficult to justify using an indicator.  During periods of high water, or when the fish are holding deep in the water column, indicator nymphing can bring some of the biggest fish in the river to the net. Streamer fishing can also be very effective..

Only full day wade trips are available on Troublesome Creek


* 1 Angler   = $645

* 2 Anglers = $745

* 3 Anglers = $1030

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