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  • Stillwater Fly Fishing – techniques for catching more trout

    Fly fishing on still water presents a whole different challenge to most fly junkies. I know that I had a hard time with even small lakes when I first started approaching still water. The biggest reason is reading the water, on the river I can almost always tell you right where a trout is going […]

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  • Fly Fishing for Bass – tactics for landing more bass

    When you think about flyfishing the thought of cool mountain rivers generally come to mind, but to some of us the thought of chasing predators in warm water with streamers is what its all about. I defiantly grew up as trout man my self, and I still spend most my time on the river. Never […]

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  • Fly Tying Kits for Beginners – getting started in fly tying

    Getting into tying flies but not sure where to start, getting a kit can be the way to go. There are many kits out their on the market and can be very helpful in starting your journey into fly tying. I personally bought the cheapest kit on the market when I first started. There was […]

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  • Orvis Clearwater reviews – combo set that packs a punch

    The Orvis Clearwater combo set is a great all in one rod for the angler looking to have a day to day fly rod that can handle just about anything on the river. It is perfect for cost effective angler that can’t afford to have twenty different rods for every occasion, but still want a […]

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  • Fly tying patterns for beginners – 3 patterns to get you started

    One of the most natural moves for most fly fisherman after they have been in the sport for a while is to start tying their own flies, I remember the first fly I tied and the excitement of landing my first fish on my hand tied fly. This can connect you to the sport so […]

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  • Trophy Northern Pike Fishing in Canada – chasing pike on the fly

    There is nothing like watching a trophy northerns chase your twelve inch fly from out of the bank, open it’s giant mouth and inhale your fly. They can grow up to 50 inches and weight almost 40 pounds and are extremely aggressive fish. I still remember my first pike trip and how it changed my […]

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  • brown trout

    Winter Fly fishing in Colorado- Tail water fly fishing

    Some of the most productive days I’ve ever had fly fishing has been in the middle of the winter. While most anglers are inside tying flies, or not thinking of fishing at all. Growing up in the mountains of colorado, I spent a lot of my winters chasing trout on many of the tail water […]

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  • Fly Fishing Techniques for Trout – how to improve your skills

    The sound of the river splashing its way through the mountains on a beautiful spring morning, the sight of a trout rising in the distance and the sweet smell of that morning dew. These are all a part of this wonderful sport of fly fishing and something that we all get to look forward too […]

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  • flyfishing

    Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners – picking the right equipment

    Picking out fly fishing gear for beginners can be fairly intimidating, their is a lot of equipment that goes into flyfishing, the rods, the reels, the flies, and the accessories, but taking the time to do a little research can go along away in setting yourself up for success. If you have ever seen an […]

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  • fly fishing canyon

    About Trent

    Hi everyone and welcome to The Fly Fishing Worlds website. I have been a passionate fly fisherman since the age of 10 and have spent most of my adult life on the rivers in Colorado. I have traveled all over the world chasing fish species of many types, and live to be on the water […]

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