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Hi everyone and welcome to The Fly Fishing Worlds website. I have been a passionate fly fisherman since the age of 10 and have spent most of my adult life on the rivers in Colorado. I have traveled all over the world chasing fish species of many types, and live to be on the water

As a kid growing up in Colorado my father was, a fly-fishing guide and I spent most of my summers following him on the rivers.fly fishing canyon I’ve spent so much of my time in money into this sport it only made sense that I got a job in the industry, I Started working in my local fly shop and soon became a guide as well.

Now it’s time to help give back,

Over the Years I have learned a lot about both fresh water and salt water fly-fishing, from rods and reels, to fly lines and tippet, to flies and tying materials……and I want to offer other insight to many of these products as well as tips and techniques that are being used by the pros today.

A Little about my fly-fishing story


As a kid I was obsessed with hiking to high alpine lakes to catch small but beautiful cutthroat trout, every weekend I would pick a new lake near my home in Frisco Colorado, and head up for the day with my small rod and a handful of small dries and nymphs and catch as many of these eager fish as I could,

Soon I discovered the rivers and with the aspect of the moving waters, and the multitude of bug hatches I was hooked, I became absolutely in love with matching the hatch the different bugs,fly fishing rainbow trout and the different ways in which I could catch them. From dry fly hatches in the summers, to streamers in the fall, to nymph fishing in the winters.

Then came the salt water and the traveling once I started doing a little research and found all the different species and different locations I could go to continue this passion I was completely hooked. From Stealhead Fishing in Alaska to Bone fishing in Mexico, to pike fishing in Canada and the list goes on, so many places and so little time in my life I just wanna see them all.

Fly Fishing has become a way of life for me and the one thing that drives me every day, the people I’ve met and places it has taken me is something that I wish I could share with everyone. So I hope I can help new anglers and old from this site with anything they may need.


As it changes so must we

Flyfishing is an ever evolving sport and new technology is changing the way we fish and the place we can fish, staying up with the new gear is key and the new starter kits and lines, can get almost any person get on the river at a low cost. New waders last longer and can help keep you comfy and dry which well improve your experience and keep you on the water fly fishing sunsetslonger. New advancement in tippet and leaders make changing your lead to the right size effectively and easy for those picky hard to catch fish.

Different species have brought about new rods reels and lines that are changing the game in the salt water fly world and are making it easier for us to target different species in different parts of the globe. These are defiantly something that makes it easier than ever to get into exotic fishv So staying up to date if your a salt water junkie is key to chasing new species.

When it’s all boils down were still just out there waving a stick around with some string attached so dont let your self get overwhelmed, fly-fishing is supposed to be fun and with the new affordable setups almost anyone can get involved if they want.

The Goal of this Site

The main goal of this site is to help any type of angler find happiness in this sport that I love so much, if it’s learning to cast your first trout rod, or learning to tie your first salt water flies, the gear you might need for your first steal head trip or anything in between. I just wanna help you get out on the water and become as successful as you possibly can.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Trent Jones


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